And, the fake accounts are back.

One of the names that popped up during the university situation has approached me via TikTok on one of my videos when I was reading the tarot cards. I am seriously not in the mood to deal with rubbing it in type comments. I will get those accounts traced and report them. I am not having the best time right now. I don’t need comments like ‘some things are just that way’ and shame I keep doing this to myself so’. They started this way before and then it gets more vicious and personal. I will not put up with it. Things affect me extremely badly so I don’t want to put up with snide comments. I moved on like others wanted from the university situation. I had to change my landline and mobile number due to getting silent calls. I will not be subjected to stuff again. I have a year full of enforced changes because I have to move out due to landlord selling. I am stressed enough without anon troll accounts attacking me. I have paid my dues for my past. I just want to be happy and at peace!

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