Different kind of day today.

I was too tired today so I spent most of the day in bed, got up, had a bath and changed into my pjs. Deep conditioned my hair. Drank water because I was dehydrated which stopped me feeling so ill. I did a few bits around the flat which hadn’t been done for a while. Cleaned up my cat’s pee (he was being naughty again because it was raining he couldn’t go out and was bored). The novelty of his new toy wore off after a few hours last night. Then the weather today made him extremely bored. I also was a little distant most of the day so he wasn’t getting much attention. He is always full of energy and can’t burn it off when the weather has kept him inside all day.

I don’t feel well :(

I really need to detox from alcohol. It is no longer balanced again to the point it prevents me sleeping at night again. I drank too much in one week. I know that I have due to how ill I feel. I keep feeling sick and it isn’t helping weight loss. I struggle so much and addiction helps me get through life in general. I just want to cry because this on / off cycle is like a rollercoaster that I don’t want to keep jumping on just to cope. I feel frustrated that I have no will power to quit for good. It is no longer fun when it gets to this point, just unpleasant.