Hormones really pushing it today.

I have woken up with the worse skin. I could barely sleep last night and my hair has just gone completely dry brittle even putting oil through it. I also need to cut the alcohol again because it became a problem affecting my sleep etc quite quickly again. I can do moderation for a few days and then I just over do it. I am going to have to quit for good. On the monthly itself… opposite issue from normal. I am barely getting anything coming out. I suppose that is a lot better than the other extreme. I do fear that I am going through the change early which means that I won’t have the option to have any more children even if the opportunity arose. I am only 35 this year. They still happen but I have never had anything other than on the heavy side. It has been on the very light side a few times now. I know that other health issues can affect that department but I have had so many tests already over a few years. I am autistic so my life doesn’t seem to be a priority due to ableism. If we contact gp’s etc then they fob us off quite a lot. Over the last few years many of us could barely get a phone appointment. I do feel quite rough and something is definitely off but I don’t have the belief that it will ever get diagnosed let alone treated. I have to just live with it. I also don’t have the energy to communicate with any systems right now … it is complicated and draining. I can rest enough to get some energy stored to do things which need doing.

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