Been working hard at the gym again.

After the way I looked in the TikTok video with my love heart pjs on I made myself go to the gym tonight. I know that my bloat is only there at certain times of the month and when my monthly gets heavier it will most likely disappear because all the excess lining and fluid will have gone. I just know that I can get small and toned enough for it to not look so tubby. I may even help that issue a bit by shedding excess fat which I do not need around an area that is troublesome without the excess weight. If it is caused by excess lining growing which doesn’t come out then it might help if I try to shed it away while exercising. It doesn’t always work but if it does then my monthly issues wouldn’t be as bad. I have hip ache on what I call my dodgy side. I injured my knee and ankle nearly a decade apart on my left side. That gets tired faster than the rest of my body. I finally got my knee to stop swelling up when the gp drained my kneecap 5 years ago. It was full of manky yellow stuff that had probably been there since my early 20s when I injured it. I only injured my ankle on that side last year so I have had to be careful. I managed to strengthen my muscles on that side so nothing slips into unnatural positions while working out. If it is too firm to move around then its highly unlikely to be injured again. I have probably injured my hip on that side now. I am just accident prone. I bounce and heal quite quickly most of the time, my ankle and knee took quite a long time to fully recover but generally when I have built back muscle I get over injury quite well.

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