Pms day.

I was going to go the gym but I started my monthly and it hormonally has knocked me for six. I got up really late because I couldn’t sleep last night. I need to do a few bits around here so if I am better tomorrow that will be the third gym session of the week. I don’t think I will be able to go on Sunday because the third day can be quite bad. Fingers crossed that it could be a good month as my tracker app is saying this month has consisted of a 28 day cycle. I have always had worse monthlies when it has been a 30 to 34 day cycle. That seems to be a pattern that I have noticed. 28 days is what they say it should be, anything else depicts a hormone imbalance. I could feel that I was hormonally imbalanced when I gained a load of weight last year. This is the first time that it has been 28 days on my tracker for over a year. I suppose that it has evened out since I changed my lifestyle has finally started to balance things out. It can take months to rebalance hormones because you have to figure out the changes that need go be made in order to fix the issues. I have only just got my eyelashes to stop randomly dropping out and refusing to grow. I have a lot stronger hair but it still gets damaged from dying it etc.

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