The weird stage of the losing weight process.

I am at the point where I am starting to appear toned and less fatty. I try on clothes and I can wear sizes that previously was too small. Then there are the annoying aspects which is when you try a pair of trousers (leather look leggings) that used to be too small but now they fall down on me especially when my underwear is not properly fitted. I still have to lose about a stone to fit into my other soft jeans that I bought from wish but at least my legs fit into them now. I just need to lose a few more inches around the middle to get them over my hips. I am weight training a lot more than I was so if I remain consistent then in a few months I should be down another stone or at least shrunk into smaller measurements. I am bloated at the moment but don’t look that bad due to fat reduction around those areas. I decided not to completely quite alcohol because I need those extra calories (not a massive eater) to feed muscle growth which helps fat loss. I shouldn’t need this much when I get lighter but when I didn’t have those extra calories I gained two pounds which shows I need that balance. Once I am a few stone lighter then I can reduce the calories by quitting alcohol completely. This is how my body seems to be functioning at the moment. I never knew until I did the whole weight loss thing using muscle training that you had to eat excess calories while training at a larger size to promote the weight loss effect. I am body brushing my skin in the bath on a daily basis… that has helped my skin be less itchy and the dry feeling has gone.

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