Half failed today.

I couldn’t get up for most of today so had to rearrange things and never got important phone calls done. I phoned up after a flat but looks like someone may have got there before me. I didn’t manage to phone the citizens advice to get an appointment but I did text them when I was wake just before they closed. I went to the gym this evening because I am near that time of the month and have to plan gym sessions in between due to potentially being in the wrong state to go on certain days. I also wore my gym clothes twice before washing them due to only doing weight machines on Sunday. It isn’t a good thing to do but I hardly broke a sweat doing the weight stuff on Sunday. I have a load to put them in with when I get home so they are ready for my next gym session in a few days. I did the weight machines and some cardio machines tonight so I am quite sweaty. I got a lot of my flat tidied up. I didn’t go out earlier due to rearranging stuff so decided to make it look a bit better. I like to go the gym in the evening so that I can take off sweaty clothes and get in the bath to change into pjs when I get home.

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