Why is tolerance of disability / illness a thing until it makes an appearance?

There has been a thing online where people have made videos saying that others say that they accept autism, mental illness or whatever until it becomes visable along the lines of behaviour or actions etc. I don’t want to add to the videos but I do want to cover it on here. It is entirely true that most people we meet do this whether its intentionally or not. They seem to accept it while it is convenient to them … as soon as it becomes inconvenient it is straight up making an exit and abandoning us. The whole point of saying you accept these types of disabilities is the symptoms (behaviour and actions) is what people are proclaiming that they understand. If that is not the case then don’t say that you get it or that you accept it… that is just lying to yourself and us. None of us need that inauthentic nonsense in our lives! Most of us have experienced trauma due to this attitude anyway. It isn’t fair if people bail when they say the opposite and act cool. Part of the reason I did what I did at Christmas was due to my friend going distant. I felt rejected so tried to fix things in their life. It makes no sense whatsoever but that is part of my disability which they assured me they understood. Obviously not because they stopped speaking to me and blocked me permanently. I always think that I have met a knight who finally gets it but they end up being just a tosser in tin foil pretending.

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