I had another rest day. Now I have to get my act together.

I have now had my rest for this week. I can’t mess around any longer due to lots of things to do. I am definitely popping the gym later after my walk (I joined a 10,000 steps per day challenge for a mental heath charity). It is only the second day and I have a permanent cold. It is either an allergy or cold but it never goes away which is really annoying. I am determined to last the month this time. Last time I did one of these for charity I had a week off because I wiped myself out. I was burning too much off as my period actually went really late that month. If you are going to do this sort of stuff then I cannot stress enough that you have to pace yourself. Eat regularly even if you aren’t very hungry before hitting the gym after walking the steps. Otherwise everything will unbalance itself and you will have to pull out either temporarily or for the rest of the month. I also have to find somewhere else to live as I have to move in the next few months. I have been holding off because I really don’t want the upheaval until I really have to at the last moment. I don’t particularly want to stay in this area but my friend hasn’t spoken to me again so I am stuck here. I can’t wait on their forgiveness etc any longer because time is ticking fast for me. I will probably getting my 3 month notice to quit or whatever it is called around the date of my rent this month. I do need that to get myself further up council list.

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