When you know, you know.

I am beginning to grow out of my favourite person thing. I no longer feel emotionally passionate and have the inability to feel that I can do life without them. I did truly love them though. That is something I just know. I do feel down about them not speaking to me sometimes but I can’t fix that due to them blocking me. I know that they are far from ideal for me … we can’t help who we fall for … most of these people are normally no good for us. I see all their negative aspects. I know that in some respects I can be just as bad. I don’t judge because I have absolutely no right to do that after my own past. I don’t have that right after the lies and the way I have acted in my life. I have been an awful, unstable mess during parts of my own life. Extremely egotistic, self-centred and selfish at my very worse times. That is why I know that no one I ever find to be with will actually be perfect. That just isn’t my karma.

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