I needed that rest day.

I didn’t get up until late. I still managed to get a few things done which has made my surroundings look better than they did. I even painted my nails which is something I haven’t done for months. I made sure that I had a lot to drink today (non-alcoholic) to try to help my dry skin issues. I know that I am absolutely rubbish at drinking the required fluid which makes me feel awful. I like to try to avoid headaches because when I get them sometimes they last for days. I deep conditioned my hair earlier so that shouldn’t be dry textured anymore. I definitely needed a day just to recharge and take things easy. I still got things done but in small chunks at my own pace. The cats also like it when I don’t go out the entire day, they enjoy my company either napping next to them or coming to sit down on my lap while watching tv. I also do play with their toys with them but they are getting older and would rather sleep nowadays.

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