Month: February 2022

  • Fighting the struggle, not sure which side is winning.

    I am just about to go the gym for a bit. I probably won’t do a lot as today has been one hell of a struggle. I constantly kept falling asleep. I was feeling very bloated and uncomfortable too. I am told by my app that I am supposed to be ovulating so it is […]

  • Truth bomb.

    I am quite pissed off right now because I had just fallen asleep and the cat woke me up wanting to come inside. He is still being a pain by making chirpy noises and strolling around being destructive. I am hoping that he has an energy dip and falls asleep because that will mean I […]

  • I’m fed up of everything!

    I don’t feel like my life is my own. I woke up to my mother ringing my landline number repeatedly to wake me up. I feel really sick today but she needs my help with the car so I have to go over. I don’t have to cook food but I am still fed up. […]

  • It is affecting my sleep.

    I just can’t sleep at night and constantly sleep/wake all day so barely getting any proper sleep. I have no control how certain situations are affecting me. I have had the fact that I have to move when they sell this place in the near future keeping me awake for a while now. That isn’t […]

  • There is a fine line between mental health issues and narcissism.

    I realise that I haven’t said anything productive for the last few days because I have been top tired to string sentences together. I feel up to writing a topic now. I often totally baffle others when it comes to how I view things. I intend to do the same now. There is a vast […]