Severe aches after exercise.

I really don’t see the point of putting myself through this torture of severe aches after exercise if I am no longer losing weight. I am going to start having smaller portions of food this week. I am rather bad at over indulging on breakfast cereal so that needs to be cut down. I have a large bowl so only filling it half way up may help weight loss. I didn’t use to even eat breakfast when I was slimmer. The aches are really unpleasant. I shouldn’t ache now that I am used to the gym. I have increased my weights on both arms and legs but I am not straining my muscles when I can handle the weight resistance increase. I am so ashamed of myself for not losing weight and my home surroundings looking so bad at the moment. I can’t keep taking painkillers for muscle pains because they also cause weight gain. I don’t care what they try to tell me about medication… they all must have calories as they keep my weight up a bit. I have no choice but to stay on my antidepressants at the moment but hopefully that won’t always be the case. I want to be medication free by 2025.

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