Well things aren’t getting better.

The first week I have quit drinking has seen me gain another 2 lbs. I am stuck at the 180 lbs mark. Before someone says that muscle is replacing body fat. That hadn’t changed on the measure either. Ditching alcohol hasn’t helped matters. I feel more toned but I am still bigger than average. I left my flat in a right state. I do things and it still ends up looking a mess. It is just grubbiness. I feel like crap when I try so hard but nothing changes. I have constantly had bad luck in my life. It is like hanging over me preventing everything I try to do to improve my life actually paying off. I know that I have to eat a certain number of calories to make myself lose weight and keep energy but I can’t eat that much. I made those calories up with alcohol contents. I can’t do that now after a week of kicking the habit. It would be a disaster to go back to making up calories like that. I just can’t get as hungry as the calories my body seems to function at which gets really irritating when trying to lose weight. I don’t want to be this big. It is two stone over what I am comfortable with … however, I am not sure if it is a talent to lose weight over the Christmas period when everyone else I know gained it. I ate twice as much as I normally do, drank alcohol and handfuls of chocolates at relatives. I just scientifically don’t make any sense.

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