Sleep is the best thing ever. Both me and cat groaned at the thought of getting up.

I got up for medication, breakfast and to feed the cats after Mimi woke me up at quarter to 7 this morning. I put my clothes on the radiator to warm them up while I got back into bed for a few hours. The cat came to join me (he likes to think of sleeping as a collective activity). We were comfortable until I woke up sweating. It probably did me some good because I have a cold and that kind of thing is supposed to help it get better. I am reluctant to get up. Both myself and the cat groaned at the thought of waking up. Mister always groans if you disturb one of his many naps quite a lot. I am off to the gym later but first I need to do more housework which I have broken into daily tasks small enough not to get overwhelmed which means it doesn’t end up getting done.

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