Brain fog and a general feeling of being fed up.

I did some of the housework that I planned to do but I just feel fed up today. I have decided to go the gym tomorrow now. I will just go out for a walk in a while before it gets dark. I have the most annoying brain fog today. I get times when I just can’t think of what I am trying to recall and it is really irritating. I also still feel upset over my friend cutting me off. That keeps affecting me but I keep being stubborn refusing to feel it. There is no point in me being hurt over it as my friend … well I question that terminology, doesn’t care what their actions have done to me after they referred to me as a stranger before they blocked me. They definitely won’t care enough to look at the blog to see how I am. I don’t exist to them any longer. I probably never meant anything to them and that is something that does hurt me a lot.

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