Things aren’t going to plan.

I ended up not getting to bed until 1 am. I was tired but once I got home from the gym and did a few bits, I was not getting up from the chair again for a few hours. Also, barely anyone has signed the petition to stop court ordered adoptions. I have shared it everywhere several times. I think it is a non starter. The idea was good but petitions are rather weak and unreliable in the grand scale of lobbying for change. I don’t know why I thought that anyone would listen to me. I am a 5 ft 2 introvert who will never be noticed let alone heard. I have got to the point in my life where I get tired too easily for all the campaigning stuff. I just want a stress free existence because I end up drained from it. I did spend years doing the campaigning 24/7 with very little sleep. We all start to feel the effects of that lifestyle after we hit 30. I need a less stressful life by 35 (yes, this year I am just 5 years away from 40, nooo). I have done my years of fighting for justice. I want to take a back seat and give the campaigning positions to those still in their teens / twenties. I don’t mind doing little things when I am not feeling burnt out. I had the worse brain fog today which is how I end up if I get too tired.

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