I don’t believe in narcissists.

I feel like putting out a controversial view today. I have met some awful people in my life but I don’t believe that people are born narcissist. I think that it is down to their life experiences. If they live in imbalance for long enough either in good fortune or bad then they start becoming a bad person which people refer to as narcissistic personality traits. We don’t know enough about human thinking yet to know for sure what working theory is correct. I don’t judge others because of my belief in the personal working theory that life has taught me. I still try to do what is expected of me in any given situation but still believe firmly in there is no such thing as a true narcissist. I miss my friend like mad but I am expected to ignore that side of me and move on. I do that only due to being severely punished for not taking that action in previous situations. I do not believe in what this society has conditioned us to do. I have a brain that thinks for itself and only joins the collective thinking when there is no other choice.

There is a dream that I wish I could mention which I had years ago because it ties with the nuclear threat that Russia is causing with the Ukraine tensions. It is against the rules that those of us who can do this premonition stuff know that they cannot break or karma will kick back at us. The only thing that I can say is that I hope the security services of the UK are being vigilant about those kinds of things entering our borders. If I say any more I will cause mass panic and be breaking the rules. I did break the rules when I was younger and karma pinged back at me. I don’t want the dream to happen but I also personally don’t want karma being launched at me with force again.

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