Awake but not functioning yet.

I woke up at quarter to 7. Mimi was tapping me on the arm for food. I got up to feed the cats. I got breakfast and took my medication. I put on the heating for a bit because it was cold when I woke up. I am not getting up for a few hours because my brain is refusing to function at this hour. I ache from gym session yesterday too. I like my bed too much right now. I still miss my friend but they’re never going to speak to me again. After all, according to the video on my TikTok for you page they saw me as a stranger. I am putting on a brave face but it still hurts quite a lot. I put so much effort into that friendship. I feel a fool to ever think that we had a bond developing. If they cared at all they couldn’t just walk away like they did. I should have kept my walls up in the area of friendship. I feel humiliated that I didn’t keep myself guarded.

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