Day: January 28, 2022

  • I don’t believe in narcissists.

    I feel like putting out a controversial view today. I have met some awful people in my life but I don’t believe that people are born narcissist. I think that it is down to their life experiences. If they live in imbalance for long enough either in good fortune or bad then they start becoming […]

  • Awake but not functioning yet.

    I woke up at quarter to 7. Mimi was tapping me on the arm for food. I got up to feed the cats. I got breakfast and took my medication. I put on the heating for a bit because it was cold when I woke up. I am not getting up for a few hours […]

  • Things aren’t going to plan.

    I ended up not getting to bed until 1 am. I was tired but once I got home from the gym and did a few bits, I was not getting up from the chair again for a few hours. Also, barely anyone has signed the petition to stop court ordered adoptions. I have shared it […]