I hate housework avoidance.

I popped to the gym to avoid housework but in the long run it still doesn’t help because I have to finish what I haven’t done when I get home. I wasn’t even up to the gym today when I walked through the door. I had a lie in today because being up for the last few days has wiped me out. I am not used to it. I haven’t been constantly sober for weeks so it is a shock. I am starting to feel better but the flat is still in a mess as I haven’t worked through everything yet. The dust that builds up on stuff regularly is really annoying. It comes back so easily within a few days. That also doesn’t help my allergies. I literally wipe the surfaces with spray and vacuum up mostly on a daily basis. It helps for about 2 days and then the thin layer of dust comes back. It gives the impression to others that I don’t clean when I do. I admit that I do not wipe floors in kitchen and bathroom more than once a month. I have the cats constantly coming in and out the kitchen window and things regularly get spilt in the bathroom. It is hard to keep things totally clean with two cats. They will without fail run across the floor with their muddy paws as soon I mop the kitchen floor. I keep the litter trays clean but you can guarantee that one will wait for you to clean it before they decide to use it.

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