I am up in daylight 3rd day running! / info also regarding petition.

I need to mention certain things about the petition to end disposal of parental consent when it comes to forced court ordered adoptions. I apologise if you already signed it before it was approved on Monday. Until that point it would only count up to 21 signatures. After 3 days we only have 76 on there. I know for a fact that there are more that have been affected by this system. Please sign the thing again if you did so before Monday. There are thousands on the fb page that I set up when I went through the system with Jonny. There has been lots of new people join the page in the last month or so. The practice will continue to happen unless we get 100,000 signatures in total which leads to a parliamentary debate. That is the step up we need as a group to get the law changed. It doesn’t happen over night. The least people can do is make an effort to sign something which will get us to the inside of a government debate. I will do the majority of the work. We need to show that the public support the goal enough to get somewhere. We have until July as it is only a 6 month time limit. I have shared the link on my social media and the main page relating to this topic which I admin on fb (UK Return Our Forcibly Adopted Children on fb search).

Now I have the important part over… I have managed to be up during the day for 3 days! I have got so much done and the flat is in less of a state. I actually went to bed at 7pm yesterday because I had a crap sleep the day before.

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