Awake… but not into life today.

I woke up to my cat having done a poop in the litter tray. I had to open the window due to the smell. That is something I will need to do when I actually get out of bed today. I have gained weight after last week’s binge on alcohol (there is always a delay in that department depending on how disciplined I have been the previous week). I am getting to the part of giving up alcohol where I have cravings… stronger than before due to how much I ended up drinking the previous fortnight. I woke up feeling flat and really down. I like my bed too much today. I know that I can’t stay in bed because I have things to do and I will never lose the excess weight if I don’t go out for a walk at some point. So much for ‘‘I will always be there when you need me’’ in regard to my friend who walked away from me. I did so much for them but now I am struggling they are no where to be seen. It would be the least they could do after driving me to drink after they walked off. I wouldn’t be so up to quitting alcohol for good if it didn’t cause weight gain.

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