Day: January 26, 2022

  • In bed by half 9… fell into bed.

    I was so exhausted by 9pm that I felt like I dragged myself around to get ready for bed and wash up dinner pots. I practically fell into bed by half 9 as I could feel my legs getting heavier. I don’t think it will take long for me to fall asleep tonight. I think […]

  • I am up in daylight 3rd day running! / info also regarding petition.

    I need to mention certain things about the petition to end disposal of parental consent when it comes to forced court ordered adoptions. I apologise if you already signed it before it was approved on Monday. Until that point it would only count up to 21 signatures. After 3 days we only have 76 on […]

  • Awake… but not into life today.

    I woke up to my cat having done a poop in the litter tray. I had to open the window due to the smell. That is something I will need to do when I actually get out of bed today. I have gained weight after last week’s binge on alcohol (there is always a delay […]