I have just looked at privately rented properties… well, any hope has gone now.

While I was on the machine at the gym. I decided to look at the privately rented properties currently on the market. Erm, there is no way I can afford that… unless I get a sum of money from writing a book or social media stuff. People working can barely afford nearly £900, nearly £800 for just one bedroom! We seriously need to cap the rents because in comparison to the mortgages landlords may have to pay on these properties there is a vast amount of profit revenue being made especially by the agents who are greedy in my opinion. The deposits on some of these places are like £800 or more up front! Only the properties that I know are in bad areas are on the cheaper end. The one in burbage is affordable but the storage heating will cost too much to run. I got an uneasy feeling there so also that didn’t make me wish to live there either. The councils housing are capped at a certain price but I am not a high enough priority to get anything on the list. I am now stuck and moving away is off the cards now my friend in a new area has fallen out with me.

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