First day of new lifestyle… it is ok.

I decided that I was really going to kick myself into some kind of new lifestyle while quitting alcohol. I haven’t quite balanced it out yet. I had my breakfast at about half 1 this morning. That was only due to being that tired I actually was in bed by 10pm. I know that is just not me. The first night of no alcohol and a long walk. I was totally wiped out after my bath. I was ironing before I left my house this morning! That was only due to leaving it last night. I have to leave the louder things like vacuuming until later because above me sleep in quite late a lot. I don’t want to wake the neighbours up at half 6 in the morning. I am always talking to the cats letting them in and out during the night so that probably is a reason to keep quiet in the mornings. Anyway, I got to the gym at half 7 this morning! I am not sure about this yet but this is weird due to not normally being awake at this time. I am a night person but also an early morning person. I had parents who preferred opposite ends of the day. There is a lot of reasons why I am a confused end product. I am able to burn the candle at both ends unlike a lot of people but only for a few months before I end up tired all the time.

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