I need my favourite person back.

I am aware that this sounds pathetic but that is who I am after all the trauma in my life. I am not coping without my favourite person. I have learned my lesson. I will NEVER do anything like I did ever again if I am given a second chance to be in their life. If I mess that chance up then I won’t ask for another one. I can’t sleep since they walked away. I overeat due to hurting emotionally and I simply won’t be able to ditch alcohol feeling this way. The stress of things being the way it currently is makes my skin kick off badly. I have suffered enough. I was an idiot who naively thought that I could fix other peoples lives. I didn’t do my actions in malice. I am mentally hanging on by a thread due to not being able to sleep since they walked away. I can’t rebalance until they are speaking to me again. I don’t want to be this way any longer.

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