I have a long week ahead of me. Repeated numbers are becoming constant.

I went for a long walk to forget about everything. I am now ready for a long new week. It is definitely going to be a long week. I have decided that I am no longer going to drink alcohol. Resisting the urge to buy it is always difficult over the first few weeks. I also need to catch up with my weight loss due to being stuck at the same weight for nearly a fortnight. I need to lose anything between 4 – 8 lbs this week in order to catch up with the progress I didn’t manage recently. That is why I have to ditch alcohol completely because that has really stunted progress.

I keep seeing repeated numbers which is making me anxious due to the fact that my life was about to get extremely awful when I last saw these things. I have been seeing 2222 every night for weeks. 222, 444, 555. Just today I have seen – 222, 10.10, 17.17 and 16.16 … they seem to be building up to a point where I start becoming fearful of what might happen. It is ridiculous but I am becoming more petrified the more I am seeing per day. I saw my friend who walked away in my dream which normally means I have lost someone forever. I end up so on edge with all the numbers popping up.

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