Day: January 22, 2022

  • Things that people just don’t get…

    I have had lectures about drinking by family members. Then they say my flat looks disgusting. They always tell me negative things about my weight gain or the fact that I have a lot of stomach fat. I am sick of it. I feel bad enough as it is right now. Addiction isn’t a choice. […]

  • I long for proper sleep! Beyond ridiculous now…

    I still have not slept. I feel so stressed at the moment. I woke Mister (cat) up several times through constantly moving. He looks so unimpressed at being disturbed. I can’t help it. I literally can’t sit still let alone be still enough to sleep at the moment. I need to cut down on various […]

  • Awake at a stupid hour again. Deep thoughts time.

    I slept a lot of the day so it isn’t surprising. I have a headache again but that is probably painkiller withdrawal. I stopped taking them because I can feel my body needs a detox. The problem is that it gives you kick back headaches because your body is so used to having a certain […]