I feel so crap today.

I have been picking my skin which probably isn’t helping but I just feel uncomfortable today. I made sure that I took my medication this morning. I just have itchy scabby dry skin all over me which is not pleasant and when I itch the skin off it feels really sore. I have picked way too much of it throughout the night when I couldn’t sleep. I ran out of alcohol so can’t drink tonight. I am hopefully off to the gym later if my skin settles down a little. I have to get up soon to do a few bits before I go out. I need to wash my hair due to my scalp doing the same thing as the rest of my skin. It is itchy and flaky. I have to wash off the flakes so that my skin feels less sore and tight. It feels similar to having a pony tail up too long but that sensation is all over. I shouldn’t have bad skin because I am not a dirty person. I am overly clean when it comes to that side of things. I put the oils that I wash off back into my skin. I try to make sure it is all balanced. I even have scabs all up my ears which are rather sore and unpleasant.

I just want to sleep but I can’t much right now. I got a few hours today but that wasn’t really helpful. I can’t function well on the little sleep I am getting. I got up to feed cats because they start to get annoying and destructive if they don’t get their food on time. I can’t even settle at night. I move around so much that my duvet ends up wrapped around me or in a mess. I go to bed with my hair plaited but wake up having moved around so much my hair tie has come out and hair unravelled itself. I must be mentally unsettled to not even stay still when asleep.

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