Gym time.

I have fallen out with the scales today because despite looking more toned my weight hasn’t changed in 2 weeks and it says my body fat has increased. I know that I have over indulged in everything this week and I should have had a rest day between walks and my last gym session. I definitely haven’t had the appropriate hours of sleep. It could have been so much worse though. The scale numbers could have gone up. They stayed the same so I haven’t actually undone my progress. I have merely just halted that process. It definitely isn’t through lack of exercise. It is definitely down to an unstable lifestyle. I can lift heavier weights which is an indication of muscle growth and that starts showing on the scale as well as fat reserves. The composition inside me is probably changing from one to another. I do need to learn to not be so hyper at the wrong times and rest more. That isn’t easy when relying on substances to block out bits of reality. That is something I can’t quit straight away because right now I need that release emotionally.

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