I saw daylight today.

I managed to see daylight today. I only got a few hours sleep though. I am still very tired. I can’t type properly today either. I keep having to go back and retype words. It is dark now but at least I went out on my walk while it was still daylight. I can’t settle at the moment. I can’t stop moving around when I do try to sleep. That is why I ended up so frustrated. I would just get sleepy and then had to move. It is like fighting two halves of my brain right now. The annoying thing is that despite being extremely tired I probably won’t sleep tonight either. I have gone into those modes for years at a time. The first 7 ish years after my son was adopted I barely slept. That is why I am an advocate for sleeping medication as that was the only way I could sleep during the time my head was getting over the trauma of that. There will now be people getting absolutely no sleep now that doctors won’t prescribe them. I end up passing out before I sleep naturally. That is sometimes the only way I can induce myself into sleep. The problem is that I can’t do this technique during proper hours which coincides with the pattern of the day / night average patterns.

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