Day: January 20, 2022

  • I don’t deserve another chance.

    I have been thinking a lot. Although I am upset at the moment I can objectively see that I was an awful friend. I don’t deserve another chance. I showed my true colours. Underneath I look scheming, two faced and a fake friend. I don’t know how to be a friend so I am a […]

  • I saw daylight today.

    I managed to see daylight today. I only got a few hours sleep though. I am still very tired. I can’t type properly today either. I keep having to go back and retype words. It is dark now but at least I went out on my walk while it was still daylight. I can’t settle […]

  • I want to smash stuff in frustration.

    I can’t sleep and it is starting to make me extremely frustrated. I want to smash things because I am so fed up with not sleeping at night. I just saw 555 on phone clock. I hate that number it is unlucky. I don’t want any more bad luck. I went out to get fresh […]