I do wish for the silent treatment to be over.

I refuse to let someone else’s actions toward me upset me any longer. However, I do wish for the silent treatment to be over. I love unconditionally in friendships. I showed that love by admitting what I had done behind their back. I could have been completely selfish and kept it from them. I couldn’t do that because I am a true non- toxic person. I may have been awful in my past but I left all that behind. The ball is literally in their court. They’ve blocked me so they hold the power of whether there ever is any sort of reconciliation. I also don’t do that immature toxic behaviour of spying on anyone from another username. I left that kind of immature behaviour in the past. If you want to be an authentic person who isn’t toxic then doing that crap is totally being the opposite. It doesn’t cost anything to be real as a person.

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