Had a rest day. I wish that others understood certain things.

I had a day when I didn’t do anything only popped out to the shop. I got a compliment on my hair despite the fact that I only brushed it over and went out. I have put stuff to defrizz it ready to straighten it but it still looks like a thick mop. I think this accidental colour is a winner. It makes me stand out which I need for the social media stuff. I know my hair is really thick. I have this mentioned every time people either feel it or see it in the natural unstraightened state. I was fortunate to get thick hair from both parents genetics so mine ended up extra thick. Apparently, it is an unusual texture that hairdressers don’t see that often. Most of the time hair can be densely populated with normal sized hair strands. Or the strands are just thick and have average of hairs on scalp. I have both those aspects. It can be extremely sweaty in the summer. I can use my hair as a hat in the winter.

I also have something to say after people don’t seem to get right now. I know that people are normally programmed to be social but that isn’t me. I hate being around people in person. The clue is in the name of the blog… I-n-t-r-o-v-e-r-t. I also had trauma growing up where I currently live so I am cool on my own when it comes to my home county thank you. Once you get used to being single and coping mostly on your own. That is the most comfortable setting for the person. People are the source of my trauma so why would I want to be with them much? I was really hoping that my new friendship would have worked out because it was a way out of this area. I mentally cannot relax until I am out of this area as far as I am concerned when it comes to people. I simply cannot trust those that are from my own home area where I grew up. I now have to stay here because my route out of here now isn’t speaking to me. I was also testing to see if I could trust them to stick around. They failed that due to the fact they walked straight away so quickly. Maybe I didn’t break their trust like I said, I was just pushing them to see if I meant enough to them…. BPD style.

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