I have just seen a few things that means 10 years of hard work is finally paying off!!!

I never thought that I would see the day come when things about the modern day practice of court forced adoption would be on mainstream television. Thanks for the wonderful Rosie Jones, (has Cerebral Palsy) Comedian who is portraying the mother on tonight’s Casualty on BBC 1. I am at the gym so I was watching it with the sound off (I don’t bring my headphones with me). I was tipped off at the beginning of last year that soon everything was about to come out and the flood gates would burst open. I was honestly quite sceptical as people like myself have been fighting against firmly closed doors for many years. It has taken exactly a decade since my son’s adoption. I worked flat out day and night to try to get the system changed for the first 5 years after it happened.

I reduced my efforts because I just felt like this is what life is like for those of us who are different. This is just how it always will be for those of us who are different unless we get extremely lucky. If you don’t have money or any kind of fortune then you will simply be at the peril of the extremely unfit for purpose system. I learned that I had a gift for writing thought provoking things so I used them to my advantage. I pushed through all the red tape, contacted the right people and waited for things I had said to be considered (doesn’t work the same in personal life, tried it with friends situation at christmas and she got angry and now won’t talk to me). The system ever being exposed was a waiting game in progress. Unfortunately, that game is incorporating vulnerable people’s lives and that isn’t fair.

I am buzzing that this is now being covered on television and recently the press are allowed to start reporting family court cases publicly now. The flood gates that those of us which was victims of the modern court appointed forced adoptions are slowly opening to reveal things that have been going on for years, within the guise of a social care system which has been run on a shoe string and unfit for purpose a number of years.