Got up after feeling sorry for myself all day. Gym time!

I was hormonal and headachy most of the day. I didn’t even properly get up until half 5. I got up to do bits but I stayed in my Pj’s. The cats didn’t mind. They ended up joining me for a snooze. I didn’t feel like I should probably go the gym as my headache was still there when I went out. I have spent an hour in the gym, it has now finally gone! I took 3 dosages of painkillers throughout today and last night to try to get rid of it. I seem to be able to lift more more weight than previous sessions which makes me wonder if drugging myself up for headache made may have had an effect. I won’t feel muscle fatigue so much because my pain receptors may still be a bit numbed. I don’t recommend taking pain relief before using muscles but it seems to stop that ache they kick back with so quickly. I will probably suffer big time tomorrow for increasing my weight intensity.

That place in burbage is up for rent again. The one with the storage heaters. That is the main reason why I wouldn’t have it because the age of those will make the heating too expensive to use, especially when the prices have already gone up so high. If the owner is serious about getting it rented it will be a good investment to change the heating system to gas or at least upgrade the storage heating to modern small economy heaters. They could then get at least £500 to £550 instead of just £415 which it is advertised at right now. It will probably be more beneficial to just put in new storage heating. Gas will be phased out soon so upgrading the electric system is more of a profitable idea for them. Spend the money now so that whoever moves in will want to stay renting on a long term basis. If the heating hadn’t been the type that I know is far too expensive to use in there I would have considered it. The place is a little on the small side but I would have to put my furniture in storage, perhaps sell a few things that I can’t fit in the space. That place will never get a renter if the heating isn’t updated. I went to see it in November time and it is now on the market again so there must be issues.