Day: January 15, 2022

  • I have just seen a few things that means 10 years of hard work is finally paying off!!!

    I never thought that I would see the day come when things about the modern day practice of court forced adoption would be on mainstream television. Thanks for the wonderful Rosie Jones, (has Cerebral Palsy) Comedian who is portraying the mother on tonight’s Casualty on BBC 1. I am at the gym so I was […]

  • Got up after feeling sorry for myself all day. Gym time!

    I was hormonal and headachy most of the day. I didn’t even properly get up until half 5. I got up to do bits but I stayed in my Pj’s. The cats didn’t mind. They ended up joining me for a snooze. I didn’t feel like I should probably go the gym as my headache […]

  • I feel rough today.

    I have had a headache for the last two days. I have managed to get it to reduce a little by drinking water and taking painkillers but it is lingering behind one eye. That is starting to get annoying now. It refuses to shift. I have tried to sleep it off. I think it is […]