Today didn’t go to plan.

I got up to go to the hair appointment today. The hairdresser wasn’t sure about doing my hair. They took a strand of hair to test how it lifts. I was going the gym afterward when it was going to be about half 5 finish time. However, I had stuff to do at home so I popped back to make sure they got done. I also woke up with a headache so I didn’t want to go the gym until it had gone. It should be fine to go later. I feel bloated and horrible due to monthly having just started. It is barely on, just spotting, yet I feel awful. I washed my hair when I got back because it was due for a wash but I didn’t do it due to going the hairdressers. I cleaned the floor, changed bed clothes, will be doing the vacuuming after I have sat down for lunch and a cuppa. There are other things that need doing but probably won’t get those bits done today if I go back out to the gym. Mister (cat) is being a pain in the bum today. He is really hyper… probably due to the fact that everything is open as I am up today for a change. I might keep my hair ginger. Everyone says that the colour suits me and it is a colour that is in trend this year. I also won’t damage my hair by lightening it a few more shades.

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