I feel much better.

That massage yesterday took away all the aches in my body that I couldn’t get rid of for months. I had lower back ache for the last few years. It has finally gone! I had aches in my fingers and neck recently. That has gone too. I slept better than I have in ages due to those aches being gone. I internalise stress which causes me issues. I used to literally end up getting extremely sick because my inner pressure built up so much. I used to get a massive migraine before it happened. I can’t even get rid of those type of migraines with painkillers.

I realise now that I am better without the friendship that has just ended. The connection was stressful. I am an empath. I constantly worried about them. I would have never had left the friendship of my own choosing. I enjoyed the interactions too much. I understood because I am the master of putting on a mask to hide how broken I was for many years. I won’t ever be fully healed. I probably wasn’t at the point where I could try to take on others problems. The connection was full of heaviness from issues related to both of our lives. I never saw it as a burden though. I now see that it is less stressful being away from it. I miss the person a little but I don’t miss how the connection felt like a huge weight on me.

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