This is exactly what is wrong with our society.

I am sure that many people have an opinion about what I did in an attempt to help. Many people I know have an opinion. Most say that they would never speak to me again if they were the other person involved. This is exactly why society is such a mess. We are all so ’set in our ways’ and are ’conditioned to the social norms’. We no longer have the mind of a child. Well, most of us haven’t, I still do. We indirectly accidentally act like sheep. We have no idea that we are doing it. I know that we have to be careful in relationships but we just end up making decisions in the way that others expect. The outsiders advising parts of those involved in the situation are not in the position to tell anyone what to do. They were not inside the friendship before it fell apart. They only saw the fall out. I was sweet to the other person. I never hesitated to walk into their life to cheer them up. I sent them stuff when things upsetting happened to them. I messaged them every single day to see if they were ok. That is the side which outsiders never saw. I did a stupid thing but I did many more kind things. As a society we define people by the stupid mistakes that they make and nothing previously matters. We can’t keep defining people based on that scale and cancelling anything good they did out completely. This is why we are also so divided as a society.

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