I fear repeated numbers for a valid reason.

Apologies, I am extremely tired so probably won’t make much sense trying to explain something that seems ridiculous to others. I wished hard not to see repeated numbers for valid reasons. I am truly afraid of them. I saw repeated numbers in all the parts of my life which caused me trauma. They first started (well I noticed them more) when I was pregnant with my son and all though the process of his adoption. Then all the way through the university situation. I haven’t seen many repeated numbers in a few years. That is why I never do new things or enter any kind of relationship… when I did previously, the numbers would happen before everything came crashing down on me. The fact that other really weird stuff is happening too puts me even more on edge. Mum’s clocks in her home as well as her watch has stopped and started on several occasions randomly. I got given a candy cane this christmas. That is an indication of bad luck in relationships because I lost someone every single time I have got one as a christmas gift. I am petrified of the signs. It isn’t mental illness related delusions, bad things happen when these things have appeared in my life. It wasn’t just on one occasion. This has happened multiple times during the times of my life that has left me with trauma. It is like been chased by the master of disaster or something.

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