Why should I see it from others perspectives but they won’t do the same?

I am always being lectured about seeing the other persons point of view. This is constantly what is uttered in your ear as an autistic person. I am badly being affected by what has happened. I didn’t sleep again and I am extremely tired. The place is a mess and that is stressing me out. We, autistic people, do see things from the point of view in relation to the perspective of others. Neurotypicals simply don’t do that when it comes to our point of view. How is it fair to expect autistic people to see how other people see whatever but not the other way around? They talk about empathy… well it goes both ways. In my life it has always been me who has to let go of the things important to me and then told to see it from the other parties perspective. There was never any attempt to see it from mine. I just had to lump it. I can see it from others perspectives. It isn’t fair that others don’t even consider mine. I don’t think in a neurotypical way but that doesn’t make my point of view invalid.

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