Day: January 8, 2022

  • I had a pj sleep in bed day!

    I decided that I wasn’t going to do the outside world today. I woke up for breakfast (have to eat with medication). I had to feed the cats while I was up otherwise I wouldn’t have got any peace. I woke up after being woken up by my mum ringing my phone. I got up […]

  • Insomnia is irritating me now.

    I just can’t sleep at night at the moment. I also have achy joints and itchy skin which doesn’t help trying to sleep. I had a nap yesterday afternoon when I got home. I have to get some sleep to have some energy to clean and tidy flat. I did a little yesterday but didn’t […]

  • I am bothered and hurt but also made myself move on.

    I may not show how I’m feeling but that doesn’t mean that losing a friendship that was important to me isn’t still hurting me underneath. I am bothered about what happened. That doesn’t mean I am completely dwelling on it a fortnight later. I have learned to move on quickly. That is to ensure that […]