Stepped away from all the spiritual stuff.

I have disconnected myself from all the things that I am naturally connected with normally. I need a complete break. If I still feel energies etc then that isn’t a complete break. I have stopped all tarot card readings coming up on my fyp TikTok page. I have repeatedly clicked not interested so they have stopped coming up. I had a reader DM me earlier asking if I would like a reading and telling me that they could feel energy while watching my videos. I wouldn’t even have a free reading right now. That would just reconnect me. I am happy resting having stepped away from all that. I feel the heavy energies swirling around me but I am choosing to withdraw my attention from them. The more attention that you give those darker energies, the stronger they become. If they are allowed to feed off the pain which a living person is experiencing then they start influencing what is happening in our lives. This is why I have completely disconnected. The things surrounding my emotional pain will attack me if I don’t keep a distance.

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