Gym schedule going well. Eating (emotional eating) not so much.

I managed to get to the gym today but I am seriously never going to manage to burn off all the emotional calorie consumption over the last 48 hours. I am trying to go every 2 days so any emotional eating isn’t going to do much damage. I had alcohol which I said that I was going to quit… new years resolution out the window already! I then added to the potential weight gain by eating a whole milk chocolate orange bar. I need to see daylight tomorrow because I spent a lot of time in bed the last two days. My skin is starting to become transparent and I can see my veins. I have to be out tomorrow anyway because my hair dresser is trimming the ends off that I killed during the bleaching process. She is washing and blow drying it too which it needs as I have left lots of oils in it to the point where it looks quite greasy.

I just spilt my water bottle down me when I opened the lid, luckily the moisture dried off quite quickly due to having gym leggings on. That about sums up my life right now. It is just an accident repeatedly occurring but somehow things are being moped up. I don’t know where I will find somewhere else to live. The council don’t have places and my priority will never be high. The private landlords selling up are causing a shortage of lets if they aren’t bought up by a business that lets out properties. If the resources aren’t there then so many people won’t have somewhere to live. I can go back to mums but if there is no where to go then I am stuck there for however long. It isn’t a situation that will work since I became more independent minded over the last couple of years. The rich people out there with multi millions can easily fix the housing crisis by investing in the properties being sold and putting them up for rentals at a decent price (lets face it a millionaire won’t miss renting it out at a lower market value). Those types can do a lot that are in situations where they can’t afford the rents due to not working for disability reasons etc. If they created a community interest venture they could even claim money back in tax for their charity work.

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