I am fed up of neurotypicals that I know telling me that its over forever when they aren’t even involved in the situation. Especially when they touched my thigh inappropriately in class while were in college. They are lucky that I stayed speaking to them after that crap. I remember everything. I don’t appreciate outsiders telling me stuff when they barely know me let alone the other person. Abandonment hurts… those of us that have autism, mental health issues etc go through this pain much more in life than those without these conditions. Most of the prison population had some form of mental health issues because those on the outside had abandoned them which led to a breakdown due to lack of support etc. I really don’t need that crap from neurotypicals who are basically acquaintances. You don’t have a clue about my triggers and the BPD part of me really strongly feels abandonment. In other words, please refrain from making comments that mentally could drastically affect me. I feel bad enough already. I don’t need others triggering my inner abandonment issues which are linked to my mental health issues. I am suffering enough anyway because that friendship meant a lot to me. I will always hate myself for being the one who ruined it. The inner self hatred in that avenue is burning severely at the moment. I really don’t need commentators.

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