Day: January 6, 2022

  • Gym schedule going well. Eating (emotional eating) not so much.

    I managed to get to the gym today but I am seriously never going to manage to burn off all the emotional calorie consumption over the last 48 hours. I am trying to go every 2 days so any emotional eating isn’t going to do much damage. I had alcohol which I said that I […]

  • Stepped away from all the spiritual stuff.

    I have disconnected myself from all the things that I am naturally connected with normally. I need a complete break. If I still feel energies etc then that isn’t a complete break. I have stopped all tarot card readings coming up on my fyp TikTok page. I have repeatedly clicked not interested so they have […]

  • Abandonment

    I am fed up of neurotypicals that I know telling me that its over forever when they aren’t even involved in the situation. Especially when they touched my thigh inappropriately in class while were in college. They are lucky that I stayed speaking to them after that crap. I remember everything. I don’t appreciate outsiders […]