Some things I just don’t understand.

I may be over thinking again but I had a tiny bit of alcohol (screw the new years resolution, I don’t want to cut it our completely) and started analysing other peoples actions. The person who isn’t speaking to me messaged her address (to send her something i was making which never materialised but I sent something else) via DM after we had just met on TikTok after a week. Why the hell would you give your address to a complete stranger ? That makes no sense whatsoever. Especially if you didn’t like them either physically or mentally etc? I just don’t understand it. That is one thing that I don’t do. I made myself ex directory so that people I met online couldn’t look up my address. I did catch feelings for them before I discovered that they were a complete fake narcissist. They lost someone who truly loved them. I never faked my feelings and I felt like I was getting to know them. Then I find out that they were completely faking their interactions with me. I am hurt. I showed that by spending nearly 3 hours in the gym today.

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