I don’t want to fight or any of that conflict.

I have decided that I am not going to make a TikTok video aimed at my ex friend who refuses to speak to me. I was prepared to say all the fighting talk because I was hurt but it really isn’t worth it. I don’t want them to never talk to me again. Some things are not worth stirring up. I am just going to take the things they said as them being angry about what I did. If I go up against that then it will be like adding explosives onto a fire. Then they will just rage every time they think of me. I want to repair things, not bait them. I just want them to come back into my life after they have calmed down (that might take a good while). We may never be besties because of whatever but at least we can do what we used to via TikTok on videos because that was fun. I don’t like things the way that they are at the moment. I want them to forgive me and come back into my life. I feel like getting them back for what they said about me but it isn’t a great idea. That won’t help anyone move forward. I won’t get forgiven and we will never reconnect.

2 responses to “I don’t want to fight or any of that conflict.”

  1. Good. I think that’s the right idea. It’s better to work things out, and if they can’t be worked out, to accept that and move on. Even if someone really has dis’ed you (no idea if this is the case but it’s often how it feels), life’s too short and that doesn’t add anything positive to it.

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  2. This sounds like a good decision. Sometimes it’s better just to cut them out of your life rather than re-engage with them. It will save you more drama and emotional energy!


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